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Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Cannabis


Robotic Canopy Scanning

  • Autonomous 24×7 Scouting 
  • Grow Room Optimization
  • Early Plant Stress Detection
  • AI Enabled Harvest Forecasting
  • Yield Maximization


Customer Loyalty Platform

  • AI Customer Segmentation
  • Custom Generated Offers
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Churn and Fraud Alerts
  • Revenue Optimization

A New View for Cultivation

BudScoutTM is a cost effective, canopy scouting, and plant stress detection robot that provides AI generated insights to optimize any cannabis growing operation

AI Driven Customer Loyalty

BudSterTM is a dispensary data insight engine driven by artificial Intelligence that provides tailored decisions to change customer behavior and cultivate loyalty

Our Philosophy

We believe all organizations should be able to take full advantage of cutting edge technology – not just the big guys. We’ve crafted solutions that you can use right now with data you already have without expensive software, hardware, or dedicated staff. You’ve worked hard for your data so we do not use it or share it with anyone else. The machine learning models we build are just for you using only your data; that is why they are the most accurate predictors of the future. We built Verilytix because we would love to show you what your future looks like.

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Partnership Opportunities

We are assembling a team of industry partners committed to innovation and product leadership in cannabis cultivation and retail. Reach out to inquire about joining our network and discuss how we can work together.

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