See The Future.

Is your business ready for game changing growth using the power of AI?

Quick Results: Start now with the data you already have!

Is your data lazy?

Does your data generate value for your business?

Are you giving away your data to your competition?

Verilytix provides tailored predictive analytics for your business

We transform your organization into data consuming monsters by embracing Data Driven Decision Making and Advanced Manufacturing Technology

We enable you to scale and optimize your operation and grow your bottom line 

Who We Help.


I need my business to meet increased customer demand.

Transform and empower your organization by enabling “Data Driven Decision Making”


I need to predict and increase the lifetime value of my customers

Focus your marketing by knowing exactly what mesage will impact which customers most


I need to safely optimize each process with no capital expenses

Employ technology to make your operation and staff more productive

Don't Get Left Behind In The AI Boom

Use your data to benefit your business and not the competition

What We Do.


Let your data go to work for you. Your historical data loads seamlessly into cloud-based, Deep Learning SaaS. Custom predictive forecasts using analytical and statistical models are presented in real-time.


Employ modern lean processes, methodologies and artificial intelligence technologies used by industrialized manufacturers to lower your cost of goods sold and improve your operational effectiveness.


Legislative changes, increased demand, and new competition means you need to rapidly scale your operations, lower your costs, and understand your customers better.


Your business is unique. We develop cost effective hardware and software tailored to meet your specific needs. If you desire market research about any solution, no problem. We are here to help.

Our Story

Who Are We.

We are 100X funnier than most guys and gals in the exploratory and predictive analytics industry. Not only are we fun, but also we have experience like no one else – decades in fact. Think of us like your personal “Q Branch” to tackle your toughest data, operations, and business problems.

Fun Fact

Toby is a best selling author of over 15 books on business technology and makes art and furniture out of wood, metal, and electronics.
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Toby Velte, PhD

  • 30 Years Experience
  • Google, Amazon, and Microsoft
  • AI Entrepreneur & Technologist
  • Predictive Analytics

Fun Fact

Quinton played for the US National Ice Hockey Team and was a former DI athlete that turned down a stunt man role in Mighty Ducks 2.
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Quinton Krueger

  • 20 years Experience
  • Raytheon, US DOD, and DHS
  • Special Operations & Engineering
  • Exploratory Analytics and Data Viz

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Our Philosophy

We believe all organizations should be able to take full advantage of cutting edge technology – not just the big guys. We’ve crafted business solutions that you can use right now with the data you already have without expensive software or a dedicated staff. You’ve worked hard for your data so we do not use it or share it with anyone else. The machine learning models we build are just for you using only your data; that is why they are the most accurate predictors of the future. We built this company because we love to show you what your future looks like.

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Working With Us Is Easy.

1. Schedule A Call

You will never speak to a salesperson at Verlytix. We understand your problems and meeting with us is easy.

2. Discuss Your Goals

Tell us about your problems and goals for your business. Everything from automation, technology, strategy to scaling.

3. Create An Action Plan

We come to you and develop a plan of action that fits your needs. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied with the results.

No Salespeople. Only Experts. Real Results.

Experiencing growth and improved revenue is within your grasp!

You probably already have the data you need. Our predictive technologies help you make your operations more effective and efficient. We best prepare you for what your customers want next. Let your data go to work for you. Your historical data loads seamlessly into the artificial intelligence (AI) models and useful forecasts are presented in real time via your browser.

Knowing the future is less expensive than you thought. There is no upfront capital costs, and you can quit at any time. To get started, it’s a simple conversation about the data you already have to determine the economic benefits

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